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The attorneys at The Kirby G. Smith Law Firm are committed to honesty, integrity, and advocacy. We will honestly explain to you how our fees work and what we will be offering to do for you. We will represent you with integrity, seeking the best resolution for you personally even if it will not maximize our profits. We will advocate for you aggressively, pushing cases as far as they need to go in order to get you the judgment you deserve. Call today for your free intake and consultation.

First, take a look at how our pricing and process works and find out why, with the Kirby G. Smith Law Firm, the more you recover, the more you save.

Next, take a look at our practice areas:

For private employees, we can and do handle virtually any type of issue you may run into during your working career. We represent employees in and out of court and arbitration, including negotiation of employment agreements, exit agreements, discrimination claims, retaliation claims, unpaid wages and overtime (FLSA) claims, disability appeals, unemployment appeals, and much more.

Public employees often have additional protections and benefits, and our attorneys are well-versed on the subtle differences that can make or break your case. Our services for public employees include claims before administrative boards such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Merit System Protections Board, as well as obtaining benefits such as disability retirement.

Small business owners also drive the American economy. We can help a small business get started on the right foot by offering assistance with incorporation and business registration, as well as drafting and/or reviewing employment agreements, vendor contracts, and customer agreements. Our litigation branch has defended small businesses in various types of claims, including workers’ compensation defense, claims on contracts defense, and FLSA defense.

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