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EEOC Required to Make “Conciliation Efforts”

May 7, 2015 Discrimination

The U.S. Supreme Court decided in a recent case, Mach Mining v. EEOC, that the EEOC must use the “conciliation process” as required by Title VII, and failure to do so will require the EEOC to backtrack in a case.

This case was brought by an applicant for multiple positions with Mach Mining who was turned down each time.  The applicant claimed that her denials were because of gender discrimination, and the EEOC agreed to take her case to District Court.  If the EEOC decides to take a case on behalf of a plaintiff and sue a company, Title VII requires them to, “endeavor to eliminate any such alleged unlawful employment practice by informal methods of conference, conciliation, and persuasion...

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