Business Attorneys

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Small and mid-sized businesses are often in need of legal help, but choose not to obtain it. This is because businesses are left in the unenviable position of either hiring a large firm with exorbitant hourly rates for their attorneys – and will be considered a “small account” which will make speaking to that attorney all the more difficult – or hiring a general practitioner who may not have any experience in the needed area and will have to “learn the law” on your company’s dime. The Kirby G. Smith Law Firm helps fill this gap in the industry by providing small and mid-size companies with legal assistance in virtually every area they will encounter in the course of doing business. We do so by using an innovative fee structure and business model that big firms with big profits aren’t interested in trying. We know that you are not a Fortune 500 company and legal fees aren’t just a line-item write off for you. We generally categorize our services into these areas:

Business Formation – You will place a heavy investment of your own time and money into starting your new business – make sure it is done right. We offer “flat fee” one-time-payment services for registering your business, creating your articles of incorporation, setting a registered agent, and ensuring future compliance. Many people are surprised to see that our rates can match or beat some “do-it-yourself” services after you add in the many hidden fees these companies often charge. Trying to save money early in the process can lead to spending quite a bit more later.

Business Operations – As your business grows, you will be amazed at the various issues that come up along the way where you will want a lawyer on your side. Our firm offers both drafting and review services for employee contracts, employee handbooks, purchase and sale templates, exit agreements, and many more. We can also provide consultations when you simply need a legal opinion, either as part of our Out-of-House Counsel services or as a one-time fee.

Business Defense – Our experience and background comes from the litigation field, so it stands to reason that we are able to handle any disputes your business may have. Be it with a customer, vendor, employee, or someone or something else, we will strive to resolve the issue by whatever means necessary. We will also work closely with your budget to determine what level of risk the business should take on during negotiations. While we have made a name for ourselves in the courtroom, we also understand that sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

Debt Collection – There is nothing more frustrating than making a sale, big or small, and never seeing a dime from it. At the Kirby G. Smith Law Firm, we are attorneys, not collection agents. Our goal is not to simply harm someone’s credit score or make harassing phone calls – our goal is to obtain what your business is owed using the processes set in place and enforced by the courts. There are many ways to collect on a debt, but you often need an attorney to ensure the correct methods are followed. Just as you have rights as the creditor, so does the debtor – and violating the debtor’s rights can lead to more trouble than an unpaid invoice. In some cases, we can even offer these services with no money down.

Out-of-House Counsel Services – Many big corporations have no problem paying an attorney to support the company full-time. Your business may not need or be able to afford a full-time attorney, but legal problems always arise. That is why we came up with Out-of-House Counsel Services. For one annual flat fee, our firm maintains your business registrations, acts as your registered agent, provides free consultation time when legal issues arise, and provides a discount on any services needed during the course of the year. Like a shared office suite, we can offer these services at such a low price because we have many local businesses that are already part of the network.